Glossary: Mansplaining

From “6 Subtle Forms Of Mansplaining That Women Encounter Each Day” in Bustle by Lara Rutherford-Morrison:

When a man “mansplains” something to a woman, he interrupts or speaks over her to explain something that she already knows — indeed, something in which she may already be an expert — on the assumption that he must know more than she does. In many cases, the explanation has to do specifically with things that are unique to women — their bodies, their experiences, their lives. When men interrupt or presume to correct a woman who is speaking of her own experience or expertise, they are implying that she is ignorant, that she is incapable of having authoritative knowledge. They are saying, essentially, “Shh. I know best.”

Note: this is not me explaining this.

See also: Manasking

Glossary: Manasking

From “Mansplaining and manasking: two sides of the same coin” by Alex Johnson-Fry in Bell Magazine:

Manasking is when a man will ask a feminist to explain feminism to them, with no intention of actually listening or learning anything and when that information is readily available and accessible. It also involves asking questions that are only tangentially related to the current discussion to derail coherent and productive dialogue.

See also: Mansplaining