Pop Sonnets

My grandmother, Cosette Middleton, self-published two books of her own poetry. She had a practice of writing a sonnet a day so she ended up with quite a collection. She wrote on everything, anything that would get that poem done every day! She wrote sonnets about sonnets, about writing sonnets, about aging. Seriously, about anything.

After she died my mom started the process of curating a book of her mom’s sonnets from this collection. My sister picked up the project when my mom got sick. My niece did the artwork and in 2009 Sonnets From a Storm Cellar was published.

All that to say that I think my grandmother would have appreciated Pop Sonnets, a Tumblr page filled with Shakespearean-style sonnets. Like my grandmother this person is prolific but where my grandmother was all over the place, Pop Sonnets, as the name hints, condenses pop songs into 14 line sonnets.

Here, for instance, is his take on John Lennon’s Imagine:

He also sonnetized Weird Al Yankovic’s The Saga Begins:

There are many more where those come from like the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Note: The two images in this post are not my work. They are from the Pop Sonnets Tumblr page and belong to that person. I’m using them in the form of a review with the hope that anyone who reads this will feel compelled to visit his site. Maybe they’ll buy his book!

Poem: String Theory

String Theory

-+-+-+ Latch-hook knots -+-+-+-+-+
+-+-+-+-+-+- of Space/Time -+-+-+-
-+-+-+ The warp and weft +-+-+-+-+
+-+-+-+-+-+- of the Universe -+-+-
-+-+-+ Weaver and woven -+-+-+-+-+
+-+-+-+-+-+- of God-Stuff +-+-+-+-


I posted this on the prior version of this blog on November 28, 2010. It brings Mom to mind for me. Back when I was in college, she and I designed a latch-hook wall hanging based on an image of the Andromeda galaxy from a slide Dad got at the Palomar Observatory. We projected the slide on the latch-hook substrate and I outlined the structure of the galaxy in pencil. Mom (mostly) and I used the latch-hook tool and filled it in with a gazillion (I counted) two-inch snips of yarn – mostly black but with blue, purple, and yellow for the swirling galactic arms. She also made one of her early quilts with the same color scheme, the large blocks were stylized galaxies. The hanging and the quilt were the inspiration for the image evoked by the poem.