Samaria Rice, ACLU create booklet in Tamir’s memory to teach kids what to do when they encounter cops |

It’s a shame that it’s necessary and it is (still) an outrage that justice has eluded Tamir and his family and community.

Being a black tree hugger has taught me that we must engage all citizens to fight climate crisis | Justin Onwenu | Opinion | The Guardian

It will take all of us (some of us kicking and screaming) to make progress on our intertwined justice goals – environmental, racial, economic, etc.

We must bring to the table an understanding that we don’t have to agree on every political issue to work together towards building a better future for all of us.

Question of the Century: Do We Have a Right to a Livable Climate? | The Revelator

This article lays out some of the legal challenges and promises of the Juliana v. United States case. It’s worth reading, I believe, and it gives me simultaneously nervous and hopeful feelings.