I observe that many conflicts are based on different understandings of words and phrases. I intend this collection to represent how I use them. In some cases, I will spell it out in my own words. In other cases, I will refer to people who explain it better than me or who are the appropriate people to explain it.

Note that I am not saying that what I post here is the only definition or the correct definition, just that it’s the one I’m using so that people reading what I write can find out what I mean when I use a word. My usage may or may not be what you mean when you use them but I invite you to consider my writing in these terms. Also, because I am continuously exposed to new information, I will occasionally encounter information which escapes my confirmation bias and compels me to grow, shift, and change my understanding.

If I use a word or phrase not listed here in a way that conflicts with how you use or understand ask me to clarify.

Confirmation bias

Implicit Bias




OK boomer

P.C. (Politically Correct/Political Correctness)


White Supremacy

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