We Are [Neutron] Star Dust. We Are Golden…

“…/And we’ve got to get ourselves/Back to the garden” Woodstock, Joni Mitchell

This is interesting! I knew we are “star stuff” but specifically “neutron-star-collision stuff” is cool! It also makes me wonder how technological life would be different if it developed where they didn’t have these resources or if our planet was seeded with an extra crap-ton of stuff from a supernova!

Birds Sing to Their Eggs, and This Song Might Help Their Babies Survive Climate Change | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

Australian Zebra Finches use their voices to change how their chicks will grow before they hatch out of their eggs! Wild!

We Need Courage, Not Hope, to Face Climate Change – The On Being Project

Kate Marvel captures and expresses my feelings here:

We need courage, not hope. Grief, after all, is the cost of being alive. We are all fated to live lives shot through with sadness, and are not worth less for it. Courage is the resolve to do well without the assurance of a happy ending. Little molecules, random in their movement, add together to a coherent whole. Little lives do not. But here we are, together on a planet radiating ever more into space where there is no darkness, only light we cannot see.

‘High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end’ by 2050, report finds | The Independent

This needs to be part of the discussion.


‘We Should Be Retreating Already From the Coastline,’ Scientist Suggests After Finding Warm Waters Below Greenland – EcoWatch