Unlearning the Doctrine of Discovery | Sojourners

Tricky doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on it.

Besides merely saying “sorry,” what would it mean to concretely repent for the doctrine of discovery? What would it look like to act against it? The truth is that undoing the doctrine of discovery would destabilize our entire western legal tradition. Our society is organized around private property and various claims to national territory which have discovery as a foundation. Take away discovery and society as it is currently built falls apart.


Glossary: Latinx

I have no standing to define “Latinx”. I am, however, interested in speaking respectfully of people and referring to them as they feel is appropriate. However, with such a large, wide-spread, and diverse set of populations it is all but impossible to choose one word that will make every stakeholder happy. Going forward I will use “Latinx” keeping in mind the information in this article, “The X In Latinx Is A Wound, Not A Trend” on EFNIKS.com

“Why a blanket exercise made me disappointed, uncomfortable and angry” | techlifetoday

Canada, like the U.S.A., has a lot of work to do in the area of indigenous rights and restoration of sovereignty. Understanding the effects of colonialism is a necessary, uncomfortable step in the process.