About Me

I am practicing Unitarian Universalist (practicing, as in trying to do it better) and I am exploring identity.

I am open to receiving feedback on ways that my choice of words could be improved to be more welcoming and less offensive. No, I’m not trying to be “politically correct”, just less of a jerk.

Unless otherwise specified all photographs on this site (scott.grantsmith.net or scottgrantsmithnet.wordpress.com) were taken by me and are copyrighted by me. Don’t steal them. Likewise, all writing is mine and copyrighted by me.


Social Media

Probably the best place to find me (for now) is on Mastodon:@ScottMGS@Mastodon.social.

I am trying to figure out how to disentangle myself from Facebook (and Instagram, I guess, since it’s a Facebook minion). While it doesn’t appear that I can do that any time soon I am trying out several other platforms. I’ve listed some of them below. Please do attempt to connect with me at the sites listed here. I can’t promise that I will be active on any of them, though. I’ve already minimized my interaction on Twitter (@ScottMGS).

The following accounts are mine but are currently inactive:

  • ScottMGS@joindiaspora.com on Diaspora*
  • ScottMGS (or maybe it’s just Scott GrantSmith) on MeWe
  • ScottMGS on Instagram, wt.social, micro.blog, Pinterest, etc.
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