He woke up, blinking the eternal sleep out of his eyes. His blurry, sleep-addled vision took them in, flickering candle light casting erratic shadows.

“What.” he croaked. He saw the confused looks on their faces. “Ah. It’s October again, isn’t it? Who were you after?”

“We were calling on the spirit of…” one of them started.

“You mispronounced it. I’m Sam Hane. Leave me alone.”

As he faded out he heard one of them say, “I told you you were saying Samhain wrong!”

Author: ScottMGS

I am open to receiving feedback on ways that my choice of words could be improved to be more welcoming and less offensive. No, I’m not trying to be “politically correct”, just less of a jerk. Photos and writing are copyrighted by me. Pronouns: they/them/their or he/him/his See the About Me page for more info.

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